Protect your limo from the cold weather!

Even though summer is coming to an end and winter is still a few months away, those who live in colder areas of the country know how unpredictable snow and ice can be, and being unprepared for those conditions is not an ideal scenario at all

The winter can take a toll on any vehicle, especially a limo. In the freezing winter conditions, cold weather can cause damage or significantly reduce the life of your vehicle’s battery, thicken engine fluids so that they no longer run properly, lessen tire pressure, cause failure in wipers and washer solvent, and weaken the reliability of spark plugs. All of these conditions can put a vehicle at significant risk, and lessen the luxury experience that a limousine provides. No limousine owner wants their custom manufactured limo moldings or custom manufactured limo trims damaged, any dents to be imprinted into their custom limousine body panels, or any cracks in their limousine parking sensors.

Even if limousine owners take the necessary precautions against ice, snow, and salt, there is the reality that accidents will still happen, even with the best of preparations. All-Rite can custom fabricate a huge array of limousine parts and ship them to you quickly. Don’t let your business suffer from downtime. Order what you need from and get back behind the wheel in no time!

With All-Rite Custom Manufacturing, we provide a variety of customized parts that are perfectly tailored for your limousine, RV, concession truck, or specialty vehicle needs, offering a fast, convenient turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours. When you are ready to place your custom specialty order, give All-Rite Custom Manufacturing a call at (831) 636-9566, e-mail us at, or visit us at to request your free quote.