Moon Roof

Recently, All-Rite Custom Manufacturing was able to work with a great client by the name of Dave over at Authority Transportation in New York on the design of creating two really unique and specialized new windows.

Dave decided that he wanted to have moon roofs installed in his limousine, and so he came to us for help with creating the glass. He planned out a specific template of his moon roof glass ideas, and then mailed it over to our corporate office. Once we received the templates we were able to study them, and began to make the preparations to begin the manufacturing process right away.

Each of Dave’s moon roofs were made out of a 5/16” clear laminated 2 ply glass. Each individual piece had a different curvature that we were able to create during the baking process. During the manufacture, we applied the necessary resin and let it set until it had cured. Once the glass was ready, we immediately packaged it up and shipped it out to Dave in New York with our standard 48 hour turnaround time.

Whether it’s a standard stock auto part, or something that’s designed with something a little more out of this world in mind, All-Rite Custom Manufacturing can be depended on to meet any need that our customers have. So call All-Rite today at (831) 636-9566, so that we can work to find a quote that will meet all of your requirements while providing the best customer service possible.