Measuring Limo Glass

When it comes time to decide on ordering that next set of custom limo glass, All-rite Custom Manufacturing can help get customers through the entire process.

Every vehicle window is a little different, so All-Want wants to be sure that a customer’s new window is designed to fit perfectly. To start the process, there is an order form that will need to be filled out prior to starting the manufacturing process. All the customer will need to do is measure the existing window in question, or the framing area where the window sits. With these specifications in mind, fill out the form accordingly.

There are specially designated spots to insert angle sizes and curvature, and as such, precise measurement is very important to the measuring process. If the angle is not accurate to the dimensions, then the window will not fit correctly. If a template is made of the window, then All-Rite Custom Manufacturing can create the new glass to fit the exact measurements of the template. If help is needed to measure the curvatures, All-Rite can help in that area as well.

All-Rite provides a “How To” sheet on measuring the curvature available to our customers. Once the measurements and template are received, All-Rite can begin the manufacturing process, and the specialized window will be completed and shipped within four business days.

If a custom window is needed, then call All-Rite Custom Manufacturing at (831) 636-9566 for a custom window quote today. We are here to serve you!