Limousine Windows

As you can see our Staff is quite busy working on a new set of Limo windows. Our production Manager, Danny, is pouring the resin between two pieces of 3/16″ Super Grey Hummer H2 limo glass. The finished product will be 7/16″ thick. This is just the Third step in our manufacturing process.

Step One - We start with your custom size specifications. We cut the glass to exactly the size that you request.

Step Two – After the glass has been cut we then cook it in our 204″ super heated oven. If there is a required curve in your window this would be formed during the cooking process. Then the glass will cool overnight.

Step Three – If your window is dual pane we will pour resin between the two sheets. (Seen to the left) This adds the “Safety” to our safety glass. That is correct, we make our own safety glass here on site!

Step Four – The glass then needs to cure for 24 hours. The resin will harden and the limo glass will be finished and ready to be shipped out to you (our customer).