Limousine Stainless Steel Ceilings

Welcome back! Today we are moving on to the other aspects of our Limo Division. Let’s start at the top with the Limo’s Ceiling.

Here at All-Rite we custom manufacture the Limo Ceiling in 2-3 days depending on the complexity of the ceiling design. Your Limo can be completely customized to your specifications.

For the ceiling we can use either Stainless Steel metal or Chrome. The 304 #8 Stainless Steel has a mirror finish. Our standard sheets come 4’ x 10’, but we can cut it to your custom size up to 10’. You can choose from 20 gage, 22 gage or 24 gage. The lower the gage, the thicker the metal – just in case you were wondering!

If you are looking for a shiny finish but not something quite so reflective then you would go with our Chrome.  The 430 Chrome is made of stainless steel but it has not been polished to the reflective finish. The 4’wide sheets come standard in 8’,10’,12’ and 14’. We are able to custom order larger lengths if you have a longer limo and you want a continuous ceiling with no seams. This metal also comes in 20 gage, 22 gage and 24 gage.

If you want to spice up your ceiling we can put custom breaks in the metal with our Durma Press. You can specify the custom break work and pattern. You choose how many breaks and how far apart they appear.

We also have perforated metal sheets that are 4’ x 10’. These can be formed into strips to enclose lights or to just add a little something extra to your design. You can custom order the perforated metal with different size or shaped holes. There are endless possibilities with the perforated metal accents!