Limousine Parts: Custom Seam Track Covers

When you see a limousine, your mind may immediately begin to wander to thoughts of glamour and wealth. The long limousine implies that whoever resides inside of it is someone of importance. Imagine then, you see a long black limousine that’s been freshly cleaned and washed, shiny rims and all. Then, you look just below the door and you see that the seam of the limo is uncovered, displaying all the unappealing sights underneath. Whether you like it or not, a first impression is everything when it comes to a limousine and thankfully, we’ve got the limousine parts you need to make it a good one.

Our limo seam track covers are the perfect limousine part to help your limo maintain its appeal. They fit to all the most popular makes and models and are the perfect way to replace an old, beaten up cover that you may have been using for a little too long. Our custom seam track covers are available in aluminum, stainless steel, or chrome and the best part of our seam track covers is that, like most of our limousine parts, these seam track covers are custom made to order to fit your need.

Whether you own a single vehicle or are in need of limousine parts for an entire fleet, All-Rite Custom Manufacturing can take care of you. With locations in Hollister, California and Conyers, Georgia, our experienced team will make sure you get the limousine parts that you need. To place an order or get a free quote, feel free to give us a call at (831) 636-9566 or send us an email at