Limousine Parking Sensors

One of the most challenging aspects of properly driving a limousine is learning how to park one safely. The more extreme the length of the limousine, the more difficult it becomes to maneuver, especially within a confined space. The best way to make this challenging process easier would be to install our limousine parking sensor system to the back of your vehicle that can warn you of any objects that are too close for comfort.

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing provides limousine parking sensors that can make the lives’ of your drivers significantly easier. The limousine parking sensor is applied to the back of your vehicle and responds to you immediately when objects are too close. The addition of limousine parking sensors is essential for limousines not only to prevent physical damage to the vehicle but to help reduce the possibility of injury to pedestrians who may be out of the driver’s line of sight as well. Small objects and children that may be just small enough to be unseen are some of the most common things at risk of being hit while backing up in your motor vehicle

If you’re interested in installing some of our limousine parking sensors to your vehicle or fleet of vehicles, they are available for purchase at All-Rite Custom Manufacturing. Our experienced team creates custom limousine parts for For more information on purchasing limousine parking sensors, limousine lighting, or any type of limousine accessory, feel free to contact us at (831) 636-966 or via e-mail at