Limousine Accessories That Go the Extra Mile

When someone makes the decision that their special night needs to be so extraordinary that they require the finest in transportation, a limousine no doubt comes to mind. After all, nothing says luxury the way a long, stretch limousine does. When people step inside, they’re expecting that the limousine accessories provided will make their night one they won’t ever forget. Here’s a quick list of a few limousine accessories that go that extra mile in making sure that happens.

  1. Roll-Out Red Carpet: For those who want the ultimate limo experience for their special night out, no limousine accessory delivers the same kind of “wow” factor as a roll-out red carpet. Before your guests step out, literally roll out the red carpet for them and help turn a great night into a perfect one.
  2. Umbrellas: As much as people like to pretend they’re in control, one thing we’ve never been able to take control of is the weather. At a moment’s notice, a night can turn from bad to worse if a sudden rain puts your passengers in danger of getting their best attire wet at the beginning of the night. Be a hero and make sure to bring an umbrella with you to help keep them dry as they walk from the limo to their destination.
  3. Giveaways: There’s no better way to put the cherry on top of a great night than to leave your passengers with a special giveaway as they depart. This can be something as simple as a keychain, a mug, or even some apparel like a hat or t-shirt. It may seem small at first, but it can leave a lasting impression of the amazing night they just experienced.

These limousine accessories are sure to help you turn your passenger’s night into a special moment they’ll remember for years to come. If you need a hand with customizing your limousine, be sure to check out All-Rite Custom Manufacturing. You can contact us at or over the phone at (831) 636-9566.