Limo Privacy Dividers.

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing is a custom parts manufacturer that specializes in stock limousine glass. All-Rite has a number of customizable limo parts, but this entry focuses on the benefits of privacy or to be more accurate, limo privacy dividers.

All-Rite provides two different sizes of custom limo parts: 32″ inch and 39″ inch. These custom limo parts are available in either single or double divides. The custom single dividers only come with one motor and customers can choose between a wooden or a glass divide. The glass divide is a more business oriented customization so that riders can see the driver and direct them where to go. The wood divide is more of a “party” style divide so that fun-seeking passengers have more privacy. If one owns a limousine company that distinctly provides one track service, either business or party, and no mixing, then you may want to stick with a single divider.

But, if you have a company that caters to both business and party lifestyles, then customers may want to choose to utilize our double divider. The double comes with two motors so you can have both a wooden and glass divide. This way you can switch from a party atmosphere to a business setting in an instant.

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing can produce any type of limo privacy dividers options that you need, and can manufacture any part within 48 hours. So, call All-Rite today for a quote. 831-636-9566.