Limo driver disqualified for hiding illegal activities

We all understand that any implications with the law while “on the clock” can have detrimental effects on our employment. This news comes to us and provides a bit of understanding into the lives of a limo driver. It is important to note that being in compliance with all regulatory laws you would not become the target of any such investigations. Simply do your job to the best of your abilities and do your best to stay out of situations that may cost you your job.

Ghazanfar Ali, of Acocks Green, appeared before the industry
regulator, Nick Jones, after government investigators stopped him
driving an unlicensed limousine.

The disqualification means that Mr Ali can no longer carry passengers
in a professional capacity. The Traffic Commissioner’s decision follows
a conduct hearing into Mr Ali’s vocational driving licence, which
concluded on 12 August.

During the hearing, Mr Ali challenged a number of statements and much
of the evidence put forward by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
(DVSA), who impounded the vehicle he was driving.

The DVSA officer told the Traffic Commissioner that it was obvious Mr
Ali had been driving on behalf of Prestige Limos, a company that had
lost its licence to operate limousines in 2011. Mr Ali said he was a
self employed driver and worked part time for Champagne Chauffeurs. He
added that the vehicle was being operated by Champagne Chauffeurs.
However, Mr Ali had also indicated that he was given the keys to the
vehicle and the work on the day by someone from Prestige Limos.