LED Opera Light Panels Add Charm To Any Custom Limo

The great thing about riding in a limousine is all of the customized amenities that a luxury vehicle like this can offer. But as any savvy limo traveler knows, the atmosphere is just as important as the journey itself, and for that reason, it is important to have the right parts to customize the experience.

Among the various luxury accouterments that a limousine can offer, one option that is sure to add some atmosphere is LED opera light panels. LED opera light panels excel in giving limousines a modernized look that is sure to be appreciated. The LED panels up 12 volt super bright surface mounted LEDs that not only are long lasting, providing years of quality use but a high quality white light that looks great in any type of vehicle, from Hummers to Chryslers.

In addition, the LED opera light panels Feature 18 LEDs per foot, installing perfectly on the interior of the limousine, just behind the window glass. In addition to its aesthetic charm, the paneling also has an external surge protector included that helps to protect the device against an electrical spike.

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