Hummer Glass

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing is currently working on an all-new project for Ricky over at the B & T Body Shop in Halls, Tennessee. Ricky is currently repairing a 2003 Hummer, and during his work process, found that he would be needing some replacement glass for the vehicle.

After some some time searching online, Ricky had managed to find All-Rite Custom Manufacturing’s website, and saw the wide range of specialized custom glass designs that All-Rite is able to manufacture. Before finding All-Rite, Ricky had been considering having to settle and use two smaller sections on each side because he just wasn’t able to a company that could run glass as long as he needed at 199”. After seeing All-Rite’s numerous customizable options, Ricky was pleased to find out that wouldn’t have to be the case, and contacted All-Rite for help.

As a result, All-Rite is working on creating a set of driver and passenger side glass that measures at 14 ½ x 199. The glass specifications have a curvature of 5/16” and does not require any angles. Keeping this in mind, All-Rite is using the 7/16” Super Grey Laminated Glass to complete the job, and as part of the All-Rite service, will have the glass parts produced with a 48 hour turnaround time and ready to be shipped out just as fast.

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