Holding Tanks For Limousines.

Among the many pieces of equipment and custom fittings that our company offers, All-Rite also custom manufactures holding tanks for Limousines and Party Buses as well.

Limousines are reputed for providing quality accommodations and services far and above your standard vehicular experience. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that sinks are a common feature. From a business perspective, if one of your limousines has a sink, All-Rite can build a fresh water and grey water tank that will be designed exactly to your specifications.

Since limousine space can be very limited, we can create and customize a holding tank that is an exact fit to the unique shape and capacity that a businesses’ vehicle requires. The quality services applies for Party Buses as well. If a business’s’ party bus has a bathroom as one of the features, having fresh and black water tanks installed inside the vehicle is a must. Fortunately All-Rite can help your business there.

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing, we can build a custom holding tank in just two business days! In creating a custom designed project, all a business has to do is draw out your tank with the specific measurements, and All-Rite will manufacture the necessary parts based on your design! Anything from a basic, rectangular shape, to a far more complex design with angles and cut outs. Once we complete the project, we also install the fittings, so all the customer has to do is make a direct install. We make it an easy process from start to finish.

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing is always listening to our customers to see how we can assist them in their specific needs. Whether your business requirements cater to the elegant or the fun-loving, All-Rite can help you provide the type of quality service that your guests expect. Be sure to call All-Rite today at (831) 636-9566, so that we can find a quote that will meet all of your requirements while providing the best customer service possible.