Glass and Body Panels

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing has been working with Ken at Advanced Limousines to create a handful of specialized new orders!

The first order placed has been for their 2004 Hummer window, and the second order placed was for a 2003 Ford Excursion Body Panel. Ken sent our All-RIte staff a series of photos and specific sizes of the parts he needed so that we could look over his order, and determine a pricing quote based on his needs. Once complete, Ken mailed All-Rite his specific templates so that All-Rite can begin the manufacturing process.

Once the templates have been received, they will be sent out to their respective divisions. For example, the glass template will be sent to All-Rite’s window department, and the body panel specifications will be sent to the custom metal department.

Using the templates Ken provided, All-Rite’s expert staff of manufacturers will cut the metal and glass to the exact sizes that Ken needs. All-Rite’s team will measure, cut, cook, and resin the glass in just four business days’ time.

While the window department is hard at work on their end, All-Rite’s metal department will use their 20’ inch Durma Press to custom break the metal in order to match the design in the original body panel. This process takes approximately two business days. Once complete, All-Rite will then ship the brand new parts back to Ken in Indiana!

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