Fun Limousine Accessories: Mini Fog Machine

Few things can compare to a limousine when it comes to making an entrance in style. Pulling up to a special event and emerging from within a limousine exemplifies style and can really make for an exciting moment. How could you possibly top a moment like that you ask? The addition of a few, fun limousine accessories can really put your limo experience over the top. A great item to have to really bring that “wow factor” to your night is a mini fog machine.

Our mini fog machines are sure to grab the attention of everyone that sees it and surprisingly, as far as limousine accessories go, it’s a fairly easy set up as well. It weighs just seven pounds but don’t let the mini fog machine’s “miniature” stature fool you. This little limousine accessory generates 2000 cubic feet of for per minute. It’s powered by a 400 W fogger and we’ll even include a free container of fog juice with your purchase. The best part is, our mini fog machine is perfect for all kinds of limos from brands like Chrysler, Lincoln, Hummer, and Cadillacs.

When you pull up to your desired destination, flip the switch on your mini fog machine and watch as that little limousine accessory slowly seeps fog through the door and to the gaggle of onlookers outside. If that doesn’t make a grand entrance, I’m not sure what will.

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