Extra Long Glass For Limos.

Here at All-Rite Custom Manufacturing, we always like to take a moment and spotlight the stories of our customers. This entry is no different, as we place our focus on our friend Mike over at Bergen Limo in Patterson, New Jersey. Always working on a new project, Mike had just ordered a couple sets of limo windows for a fleet of new Suburban limousines that they have been building. Mike was originally looking for a set of 238” inch long glass, which turned out to be too long to fit into our on-site ovens. This one was going to be a challenge for us, so after deliberation, our staff decided that the best option would be to split it into two sections. Going with smaller sections turn out to be the best option in the long run, as it is also much safer to ship out this way to prevent breakage, as it is less likely to get damaged during transit. As a result, we cut two sets to 119” inches, and the third set was cut to a measurement of 140 ½” inches. As always, this order was able to stay within out 24 to 48 hour turnaround time so we are able to ship out these windows early in the week to his location in New Jersey.

A challenge, but not a problem for All-Rite’s custom manufacturing tea. If a customer need extended glass, we can fit anything up to 203” inches into our ovens, or we can divide the glass into sections as needed.

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing is always working to ensure the highest level of commitment to excellence for our customers. So if there is a custom job that might be a bit larger than your average job, you can rest easy in knowing that we will work to find a solution that stays to your intended specifications. Be sure to call All-Rite today at (831) 636-9566, so that we can work to find a quote that will meet all of your requirements while providing the best customer service possible.