Custom Moldings

Vehicle owning customers eventually find that they are in need of a specialized part at some point or another during their vehicle’s lifetime, whether it is a smaller job such as needing a custom limousine door, or a much larger project such as a full or body molding. Sometimes, these vehicle parts are for a very specific modification, or parts that are no longer created or carried by the manufacturer.

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing understands all of this, so we listen to our customer’s needs and work hard to create these specific parts and have them available in just one or two business days.

At the moment All-Rite is currently working on a 10’ inch chrome molding for an 1989 Lincoln Town Car. To help our customer out, All-Rite is able to use our company’s large Derma press machine to put custom breaks in long pieces of metal up to 20’ inches. As part of our custom service, All-Rite can replicate the elegant design and unique features of the original pieces so no extra modifications are necessary. All-Rite even provides stainless steel and chrome moldings as options available to choose from. All a customer needs to do is send a small sample or tracing of the original molding, and All-Rite can get started right away on creating your custom parts!

All-Rite is available to today at (831) 636-9566, so let us know how we can help you, as we find a quote to match your requirements, and provide the best customer service around.