Custom limo parts available for any occasion

In order to have a “perfect” limo, one must have the right accessories. This sounds like an easy enough of a task: Either provide the best in professional decor so that an executive can ride in style while still conducting pressing business deals, or make it “fun” enough for people who want to see and be seen in a mobile party that provides bright lights, a great soundtrack and memories that last a lifetime.

That’s where All-Rite Custom Manufacturing can help, by providing the best accessories such as privacy dividers, LCD panels, and custom ceilings, body panels to protect and provide the safest ride for important dignitaries and executives, or custom glass windows and the perfect lighting to set just the right mood, whether going to a school’s formal dance, or having said your “I dos” for getting married. No matter what the occasion, All-Rite Custom Manufacturing can do it all in just 48 hours time.

When it comes to getting the very best in vehicle parts, whether it is for RV, food trucks, specialty vehicles, limousines, or marine accessories, All-Rite Custom Manufacturing has a near-endless supply of quality customizable parts that can be created in a twenty-four to forty-eight hour production time. To place an order for custom All-Rite Custom Manufacturing limo parts, call All-Rite Custom Manufacturing at (831) 636-9566, visit our website at – or e-mail us at if you have any questions. Located in Hollister, California or Conyers, Georgia, our custom vehicle manufacturing part experts are able to provide a quote, or answer any questions that our customers might have.