LED Opera Light Panels Add Charm To Any Custom Limo

The great thing about riding in a limousine is all of the customized amenities that a luxury vehicle like this can offer. But as any savvy limo traveler knows, the atmosphere is just as important as the journey itself, and … Continued

Class Up Travels With A Quality Limousine Ceiling

When setting the stage for something high class, exotic and interesting, whether the reasons are for professional or party use, there are few more exciting locations to set the stage than a quality limousine. Limousines are the ultimate in luxury, … Continued

Liven up a Limo With LCD Flat Panel Monitors

When going out for a glamorous night on the town, one of the most enjoyable ways to see the sights (and be seen as well) is by traveling in a limousine. Using a limousine for entertainment is perhaps one of … Continued

A customer story: Installing a limo moon roof.

Recently, All-Rite Custom Manufacturing was able to work with a great client by the name of Dave over at Authority Transportation in New York on the design of creating two really unique and specialized new windows. Dave decided that he … Continued

Custom limo parts available for any occasion

In order to have a “perfect” limo, one must have the right accessories. This sounds like an easy enough of a task: Either provide the best in professional decor so that an executive can ride in style while still conducting … Continued

Protect your limo from the cold weather!

Even though summer is coming to an end and winter is still a few months away, those who live in colder areas of the country know how unpredictable snow and ice can be, and being unprepared for those conditions is … Continued

All about the extra features of presidential limos

What makes the presidential limo so unique? The presidential limousine is jam packed with custom parts, secret compartments and probably many things the general public is not allowed to know about. Dubbed as “The Beast,” this limo does not have … Continued

Happy 4th of July!

We here at All-Rite Custom Manufacturing wish you and yours a very safe and patriotic Independence Day! We look forward to serving all of your limo needs during the coming summer months.