All about the extra features of presidential limos

What makes the presidential limo so unique? The presidential limousine is jam packed with custom parts, secret compartments and probably many things the general public is not allowed to know about. Dubbed as “The Beast,” this limo does not have many traits of a production car. Aside from its custom limo body panels that work as its armor, the chassis, transmission, and engine are based on the rugged Chevy Kodiak, a diesel engine most often used in U-hauls and dump trucks.

Everything is specially designed for the presidential limo. For example, the vehicle is equipped with custom manufactured limo trims and custom manufactured limo moldings. For extra security and privacy during confidential discussions and meetings, limousine privacy dividers can keep more sensitive matters more internal, even from the driver. There are even limousine parking sensors to ensure that every ride is a smooth one. After all, no driver wants the face the embarrassment of a “curb check” while driving the President around.

Even though our customers won’t necessarily be driving the nation’s president around, you aren’t driving the president around, customers will still see the difference when a limousine is customized with specialty parts from All-Rite. We have the largest selection of custom limousine parts and can ship them quickly.

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