Privacy Dividers

When it comes to the high-quality and luxury experience of a limousine, there is no greater enjoyment than the intimacy that comes from a privacy divider. When it comes to auto parts, All-Rite Custom Manufacturing can provide the parts that you need to create the best limousine experience around. We have two different sizes of privacy dividers, ranging from 32” inches to 39” inches, and privacy dividers come in a variety of Single or Double dividers.

Single dividers come equipped with one motor, and provide options in a wooden or glass divide. For limousine companies that offer more of a singular based service that focuses exclusively on a “”business”” or “”party”” style, then single privacy dividers are more ideal choices for vehicles.

Double privacy dividers are equipped with two motors that allow the option to both a wooden and glass divider to be installed. For businesses that cater to both the “”business”” and “”party”” fields, then the double privacy divider is the better option, allowing the limo to be switched from a business to party environment in an instant!

Dividers can come in two options: Glass or wooden.

Glass privacy dividers offer more of a business oriented style, so that passengers can see their driver to speak with them, and provide direction during the ride. The wood privacy divider is designed with more of a party feel in mind, allowing passengers the freedom of privacy.

All-Rite can manufacture privacy dividers for your company in just 48 hours! Call us today for a quote! (831) 636-9566.