DOT Drug and Alcohol

  It is very important to stay on top of the DOT specifications and regulations, especially if you are in the transportation industry. Drugs and Alcohol have been an ongoing battle with DOT. Employers and Employees need to better educate … Continued

Limo Accessories

Good Afternoon Folks! We all like to know about the extras, the special features, the bling and pizzazz!  Well, we have it all here at All-Rite. There are several accessories that you can choose from to upgrade and accent your … Continued

Limousine Stainless Steel Ceilings

Welcome back! Today we are moving on to the other aspects of our Limo Division. Let’s start at the top with the Limo’s Ceiling. Here at All-Rite we custom manufacture the Limo Ceiling in 2-3 days depending on the complexity … Continued

Limo Glass

Here we have Charlie working on another piece of limo glass. It is 3/16″ Tempered Super Grey glass for an Escalade limo.  He is thoroughly checking the quality and precision of the window. We will go through every inch of the window to ensure … Continued

Limousine Windows

As you can see our Staff is quite busy working on a new set of Limo windows. Our production Manager, Danny, is pouring the resin between two pieces of 3/16″ Super Grey Hummer H2 limo glass. The finished product will … Continued