2012 Chrysler Limo Glass

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing is always working on some new project to make our customers happy, and as such, we just started on another set of limousine windows. As one of our current projects, we are building the driver side and passenger side windows for a 2012 Chrysler 300. Our good customer Ron at Empire Coachworks wanted brand new custom windows for his brand new custom limousine. They just received the Chrysler and created templates for us to manufacture the glass in just 4 business days.

It is definitely our specialty to manufacture a customer’s limousine glass to their exact specifications. In this case, these particular windows will be made of 3/16 inch super grey laminated glass. Each piece is curved and has angled edges, which are no problem for us to create here at All-Rite Custom Manufacturing. While we were hard at work on creating the glass, our timely schedule with our fast 24 to 48 turnaround times gave Ron and his team some extra time to add those finishing touches to their stretch and install an amazing interior!

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing is always listening to our customers. No matter what your business needs, All-Rite Custom Manufacturing takes all the stress and hassle out of building your next project that you can focus on the finer details. Be sure to call All-Rite today at (831) 636-9566, so that we can find a quote that will meet all of your requirements while providing the best customer service. A service like ours can’t be found anywhere else.